Thursday, 14 June 2007

Finale! and CAST PARTY!

Derek (Succesful Director!) addresses Crew and Cast for the last time!

Yvonne, Derek, Steph and Tyne (Carmen and Khovy in the background).

Carmen, best Stage Manager ever with her award!
Khovy is presented with his 'demented penquin' award.

That's it, the show has run and it has been a succes, all the hard work, frustration, tears and odd tantrums have been worth it!
All comments have been added to the comments book section of the blog straight from the MITS comments book.
There were a few scary moments here and there, for some reason stage lights started flickering off and on during a show, the DVD player would only listen to Michelle when Derek was near, the sink started leaking during one show, Khovy still had problems figuring out what he was to wear on stage during scene changes and the house policy was changed in response to opening night hassles.
There was great feedback on the audio-visual aspects of the show, it looked great from the auditorium and Derek even set up a television back stage where the back stage crew could keep an eye on what was happening on stage. The extra clips of characters and the 'confessionals' looked great and gave cast and crew time to change. Sound was great, though the 'sex scene' orgasmic moan sound bite made most of us chuckle.
The story was received extremely well, it kept everyone guessing and interested and wondering what was going to happen next. The dialogue was well received though some of it made audience members squirm in their seats while laughing out loud.
And the cast pulled all their lines of really well in the end! Characters were well developed and a few audience members were quite surprised that some of the 'ememies' on stage actually got on really well off stage! The most popular character was definitely Tyne's 'Wenda' but not all of us were sad to say goodbye to our characters at the end of the run.
The Director's cut (as suggested by the name written by Derek) was a lot of fun, it put a whole new twist on everything! Derek thanked everyone after the show, in particular Carmen (Stage manager) who has done a great job, and got everything and everyone rolling along smoothly during production and thanked Yvonne (for being a great writer and pain-in-the-but cast member). As per MITS tradition the Director receives a whiskey glass with the name of their show on it, the cast got Derek some gifts as well and Yvonne thanked Derek for putting up with her and the cast and still managing to put on such a great show.
Simon was brave enough to open his house to cast and crew, we decided on a Cocktail theme, and Carmen was the queen of the blender! Derek had a little gift for everyone that represented them or their character in some way! Khovy started with impressions of cast and crew members, and of course most of us couldn't resist doing the same, hillarious!
It was a great night, with some great cocktails and some great anecdotes, some of us slept in Simon's drive way (rudely interrupted while sleeping peacefully by some of the partygoers!), and some never left for their homes until the early hours of the morning. There was drinking, tall tales, singing, dancing and some very sore heads the next day.
Well over and out for this play, hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on any of the posts or in the comments book, you can also contact us with any questions on the FAQ link.
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Monday, 14 May 2007

Opening Weekend 11 & 12 May, 2007

Well it is has paid off! Everyone’s hard work, the stress, the bickering, the swearing, the occasional tears, hours spend on set, video, learning lines etc, have been worth it!
It was a success. Even though some of the audience members were a bit overenthusiastic (Wes’s mates on Friday) they loved it! Yeah!!!! Plenty of great comments afterwards on the acting, directing, writing and the audio-visual special effects! We had a bit of hick-up with a wire coming down in front of the stage on Friday, luckily Derek was able to fix it during scene change. On Saturday we had some rather loud rain, but all the actors were able to compensate by some powerful voice projection.
Derek has done a great job, everything came together very well and he was able to put his take and vision of the script on stage and turn it into an entertaining, at turns comical and dramatic, visually exciting production. The audience liked the story, and sometimes got quite involved vocally, able to sympathise with the characters and equally loath others! And the twists in the story kept them guessing till the end. Now come and see for yourself!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Today is the day! Opening night! Break a leg!
1 day to go...

Getting those last touches done! Derek and a skeleton crew are clearing up those last few things on the set and tweak the last little technical nuisances. Most of the cast and crew are staying home tonight, cleaning up their houses, or relaxing before the big day tomorrow, and I hope at least looking through their lines. When you come and see the show, check out the ‘technical photo display’ another new feature at our theatre. Hope you checked out the local paper today, nice little article about the show in there. Well that is it for now... the last diary note before opening night! It looks like the last weekend will be very busy, so if you want tickets, book them now (Nature’s Health Barn in K-Mart Plaza) or get your tickets for any of the other nights in between now and then. Hope to see you there!
2 days to go...

Full tech and dress rehearsal... well, we survived it! We even had an audience, a group of Drama and some English students from Catholic High were our test audience. It was great to hear people laugh and gasp during the play. It is interesting, an audience always seems to laugh in place where you don’t expect it and don’t when you think they should! Everything went a lot more smoother today on stage, there was a lot more flow in the different scenes. Back stage there was a mad rush during scene changes, especially from Khovy who never really had any idea what costumes he had to be in, or what scene was next. Derek has been busy completing the last few clips of video footage, this will certainly look good during scene changes. Technically there were a few minor mishaps, one due to a shitty DVD player according to Michelle. All in all, we are ready...

Thursday, 10 May 2007

3 days to go...

Today we had some committee members watching the play, to give Derek feedback on the show, and put some pressure on the crew, and especially the cast. No stopping now, not going back checking lines, everyone wore all their costumes for the first time, full make-up. Well, the good news is that we got through it! But the cast really needs to create some better flow in the scenes, something which could be ironed out when everyone is actually confident about their lines, not just saying them and hoping it was the right thing to say. Some technical difficulties with sound cues, which should hopefully be gone by tomorrow night. There was definitely some nerves to be felt around the place. The backstage crew was also on a learning curve, where to put what and where, however Carmen has a nice system in place and with Leo’s assistance should go very smoothly after tonight. Sam has also been turning up and has the hang of the lights by now.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Picture 1: Nathan and Celia working on their chemistry.
Picture 2: What did they do to Renee to make her behave like that? Yep, see the play.
Pictyre 3: Evidence. (see story below).

4 Days to go...

Focussed on two trouble scenes today, troubling because of lines being dropped. Pheww... they looked a lot better after our rehearsal today. The stage is looking fantastic, this is also the first set that I can remember at MITS that has running water! Now it is just the finishing touches that need to be done. Michelle has been given her own very private box to control the AV from, she’ll look real professional now! Tomorrow we have somewhat of an audience with a few committee members having a preview and acting as a critical audience before we go on. What else happened? Simon almost got attacked by Khovy, with a bar stool of all things! (evidence included above). Tyne was very patient, waiting for everyone to catch up with her lines. Wes was somewhere else all together, though his physical body was on stage. Steph was feeling a lot better today and keeps assuring a sceptical Yvonne that she will be fine on opening night ‘I’ll proof it to ya!’ (more head shaking from Yvonne). Derek actually cracked a couple of smiles at the end of the rehearsals and was very impressed with his own plumbing skills. Carmen is the best stage manager ever, and also one of the most understanding and patient people I know!